About UKTVAbroad

Who are we?

UKTVAbroad is a European based media company that offers digital televisions, mobile telephones and internet solutions all based on the most up to date systems available in the market.

A group of companies originally founded in 2004, primarily a distributor of UKTV packages, before anything was available to watch clearly on the internet. We now have over 52,000 clients across Europe and many more across the rest of the World.

Today our main service is IPTV; this has now expanded to many countries around the globe. We have UKTV via IPTV in California, Australia, Europe, South Africa, Portugal, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Why are we unique?

We are very unique in the way we offer our service. We have our own service, and we do not rely on a 3rd party to supply us with the product, we built the server and product ourselves. You will notice that every aspect of our product looks and acts different than others, that is because it is different.
We currently have 4 software engineers working on the development of our service to always search for a better experience for our clients.

An example of this is the addition of catch-up TV; we had requests for certain channels to be added for which we did, including SKY Movies and CBeebies.

The reason we can do this is simple, we do not have to wait for a 3rd party to have these services added, we simply create the software to allow this and once we are happy with the quality, it is added to the server for our clients to view at no additional costs.


You will find other companies offering similar services to our product, we can assure you that we are unique, we are the actual supplier of this product, we do not resell our product to 3rd parties neither do we purchase any products from any 3rd party in any country.

If any other company other than UKTVAbroad offer you services by claiming we use them or purchase services from them I urge you to ask us first.

We are the original suppliers of UKTV via IPTV; you will find that every person you speak to that works for UKTVAbroad will be British.

Finally, due to the amount of clients we now have globally it would be easy to find someone that is already using our service as 87% of all UKTV subscriptions sold come by way of REFERRALS.