Remote Control

UKTV Remote Manual and Power Cable Notice

Due to updated information on the server the functions of the remote control are different.
Please Note! The power cable that comes with the digi receiver is to be used only with the receiver.
Please do not use any other power supply with the receiver due to voltage / supply differences.

Important things to note!

When you plug the power cable in ALWAYS plug into the main wall socket first then small end into the receiver. NEVER plug into receiver first as it can cause the box to blow

Please see below full details on how it works.

If you want to select Catch Up Programs do the following from the main guide:

Select 0000 and press OK – This takes you to the closest point without having to scroll through the guide.

Whilst watching Catch-Up if you want to pause and then go back to the programme you need to do the following:

Press Pause button to pause and note exactly where you are in the programme ‘hour and minutes’ – you will see this at the bottom of your screen in programme information.

Press OK - then a clock will appear- Add exactly where you are up to and select JUMP this takes you to the exact point.

This function is also useful if you are having an issue with low internet and you see slight buffering, do this pause and start technique and it will clear the buffer.

Button F4 makes you jump ‘forward’ 30 seconds of the programme and F3 ‘rewinds’ 30 seconds.

The BIG arrow keys either side of OK button will jump back or forward 5% of the programme. Example – 1 Hour programme jumps FWD 3 minutes.

If you find that a Catch up programme has started or ended 5 minutes late (This is due to EPG and how the programme has been recorded in the UK) What you can do to not miss the beginning or ending is the following:

- Select F1 which takes you to date format on the right side of the screen and you can select the programme before or after your desired programme.

The MENU button is not MENU so Do Not press. On some remotes it is the button with 3 dots and 3 lines

To select the TV GUIDE you need to press the SQUARE Button.

Select EXIT button to come out of catch up. On some remote Exit is house symbol

If you know your program number, you can now select it by pressing 4 digits – 0 first. For example:  BBC1 0591

Do not press the fast forward or rewind buttons on the remote as they will cause the programme to go out of sync and it may buffer. Only use Point 4, 5, 6 and 7 to move forward or backwards.

Handy Channel selections

0000 – Catch Up

0690 – Movies

0803 - Sport

0591 – Terrestrial HD TV

0751 – Music

1601 - Radio

Always quote your MAC number for any correspondence and assistance required