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Formuler Z8

The Formuler Z8 is proving to be the best box on the market. With super fast CPU and a huge 16HD inbuilt just for app usage you cannot go wrong with this box. For us it is by far the most advanced IPTV box on the market that works well together with a great interface and super fast connections.

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Please make sure that the power supply is the same as you have in your home before ordering. If not you may need an travel adapter.

Many times a day I get asked the question "what is the best IPTV box"? Well for many a year one of the biggest selling IPTV boxes selling globally has been the Mag boxes. From the no outdated Mag 250 to the still popular and very functional Mag 254 and now working the way into the Android set-top boxes with Mag 322 w1. The Mag boxes have been somewhat the go-to box for IPTV and personally speaking after using the Mag boxes for over 7 years I really got used to the interface and its functionalities. OK, it had its issues, what doesn't? With its YouTube tab on the home screen that really should never have been there to the updates that a few years ago would drive you mad as they would kick you offline. Now, however, the Mag boxes work very well and are still one of the most popular boxes on the market to buy for new IPTV users.

But, a new kid came to town…. Formuler, one of the kings of IPTV boxes has outdone itself this year with the introduction of the Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box. This has been placed as the newer, faster and more pleasing Formuler Z7. We have had our dirty hands on this box for a while now and really want to write a full review of it as we believe this is the future of IPTV boxes.

Formuler Z8 Review

So before I received my Formuler Z8 I was excited as I was used to the Mag boxes for so many years. I had lots of expectations about the new IPTV box and wondered if it would be better than the Formuler Z7, can it come close to the Mag 322 box that has been recently introduced to the market? The price for the Formuler Z8 is almost double of the basic Mag boxes so is the price tag worth what we get from the box? From the images online the box looks sleek, it looked stylish, it looked like something that I wanted sitting right next to my TV but does it have any flaws? Considering the Mag boxes and the predecessor Z7, will the technical specifications take my breath away or will I be left thinking I wish I never bothered? But the most important thing I need to know from reviewing the Formuler Z8 is whether this box is, in fact, the best IPTV box to be made to date.

Buyers Guide to IPTV Devices

Over time I have gone very in-depth with reviewing IPTV boxes as we always need to find the best IPTV box for our clients. Our main goal is to have clients watching the best IPTV service they can from using the right device. Not every client will want to use various devices as sometimes let's say your TV is not a new one with 4K, then why buy a 4K IPTV box?

Some of the most popular IPTV boxes we have used and recommended over the years are:

Mag 254
Mag 322
Mag 256
Formular Z7

So for me even if I didn't have that 4K TV yet I believe it is worth spending that extra money to get the most powerful device you can. The device is not just for watching the service in 4K but when you have a well-tuned IPTV box then so many other specifications will help you to watch UKTV better and more successfully.


When you have an Android IPTV box you are supporting a wide variety of apps and streaming services which is definitely a huge plus point. The Android boxes support apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix and a huge amount of other app content that you may benefit from all at the touch of a button. Most Android boxes will support streaming services directly from the box to your TV as well as Live TV, Video on Demand (VOD) and Catch-Up services.

Processor Speed

In modern-day life most people use there TV's for a huge amount of time every single day so one of the most import things to look at is how fast can the services load up onto your screen. You don't want to wait for minutes when it comes to changing channels or searching for a new movie to watch, we want it fast. It is the same as surfing the internet, one of the biggest complaints is the load speed and everyone is always saying what is the internet speed right now even though it is not normally the issue. So when it comes to IPTV boxes it is very important that the box can handle day to day usage when streaming UKTV. I always look at the CPU and the RAM to make sure these have an adequate amount built-in. By having enough RAM and CPU you will be able to enjoy the fastest streaming services available without any lagging.

Internet Connectivity

When choosing an IPTV box I always make sure that it has an Ethernet connection and in-built WIFI connect ability as not everyone has the router right next to the TV. I have come across many clients especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that have the router set up by the local TV provider and the router is located in the roof far away from the TV. So to have built-in WI-FI is important for most people these days. Now a new feature concerning the WI-FI is that even though you have built-in WI-FI I love a box that has an external antenna which basically enhances the WI-FI signal from the box. What many people never look for in a UKTV box is the download speed capabilities. Be sure to keep an eye out for max download speed as this will tell you if the box is an older slower box or a new more adaptable box that meets today's fast-paced markets.

Many people simply see an IPTV box online and buy it without thinking about the software, processor speed or internet connectivity. We have seen lately a huge amount of fake IPTV boxes hit the market so you have to be very careful not to be caught out with one of those as they will not work properly and have zero warranty or claim back from the supplier. UKTV.CO has links on the website for the original full warranty IPTV boxes so be sure to click the appropriate link for the box of your choice for the country you reside in. With these boxes, you should make sure it has a good build quality with solid components. You will be surprised at how many times a box hits the floor when kids are around or cleaning up. A good quality box will withstand this and you will be able to keep your box for many years. I also believe that due to the fact you are placing the box in full view next to your TV the box should look good. No pint in having a huge big black box sat on you cabinet looking all bulky when you can find stylish looking strong boxes.

So without further discussion, let's get inside the Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box


I am confident to say that you may not have heard a lot about Formuler? But Formuler has really stomped into the IPTV market with some fantastic devices and have seen a huge growth in the IPTV box market globally. With many of the devices becoming top-selling products in the respective market and mostly excellent reviews on all devices so far. We have been surprised at how fast Formuler has got into the market space and at the comments from experienced IPTV users has been amazing. Formuler has positioned itself right in the centre and now has first time IPTV and Android box users knocking on the doors. So far Formuler has impressed the IPTV market and we hope that this continues as they are by far the most advanced at what they do.


When Formuler released the Z7 and Z7+ they were able to grab the attention of the beginner IPTV user to the most experienced of IPTV customers due to the high technical specifications which were available at very reasonable prices. So let's take a look to the new version of IPTV box the Formuler Z8.

4K - HDR Ready

Similar to the previous contestants the Formuler Z8 uses the Android 7 OS. This means that it is comfortable of playing 4K Ultra High Definition with HDR compatibility. The Formuler Z8 has stepped out into the water further than others with a max refresh rate of 60hz meaning that if you are a gamer or general content streaming you are going to love this power.

To make it easier to download apps the Formuler Z8 has provided a wonderful 16GB HDD internally, this is a breath of fresh air. The Formuler Z8 also uses a quad-core CPU rather than a dual-core CPU meaning it is much faster.

WIFI - Better Signal

The new Z8 has given us a gift inside the box, this is the external antenna. By having this external antenna you are sure to receive the best signal possible and have a longer range of signal and less likely to drop the signal.

Something that jumped out at me whilst reading the specifications of the box was its ability to download at up to 1000mbps.

MyTVOnline 2 App

As mentioned earlier Formuler is really hitting the IPTV market with a bang and one thing that separates them from their competitors is the MyTVOnline 2 app. This is so far exclusive to the Formuler brand and is normally built into the boxes. This app allows you to use IPTV services with ease. For me, this gives you the best ever experience from watching TV to using the EPG catchup service we have seen so far.

First Impressions

The box is sleek, fresh and I would love this to sit next to my TV. It is small and stylish and considering how much engine they have inside it I am quite surprised at the weight, only weighing 1 1/2 pounds including the antenna.

The antenna is sturdy and can be bent into different angles to get the best signal possible.

The Z8 comes with 2 USB ports of which one is a 2.0 and the other is the 3.0, the mains power plug, HDMI port, Ethernet port for wired direct internet supply, digital optical port for use with sound systems. The Z8 also comes with a super product, the infrared external port that allows for greater signal between the remote and the box. This is great is your box is located behind your TV.

This Formuler Z8 is rapid, the quad-core CPU is performing exceptionally well. Moving between menus, channels, apps are fantastic with no lagging at all. The overall setup of the Z8 is easy and well-orchestrated and once you get to play even a 4K movie you will notice that it really is a rapid device.

No matter what I did to try to put the Z8 off its tracks it fought back with ease. The power of this device is stunning and can cope with everything I gave it. I downloaded a few movies to an external device to which the device just laughed at me with ease, to access the external device to playing a movie was so quick with zero lagging at all. It just beat me to everything possible and I am very impressed with its speed and power.

4K UHD works amazingly well and was able to handle the frame rates and resolutions in HDR. This IPTV device is for people that need speed and the best picture quality possible.

The WI-FI antenna sits head and shoulders above its competition even on 4K delivery via WI-FI. I tend to opt for Ethernet cable for super stable speeds but I couldn't fault the WI-FI signal at all. The antenna is a little bit bigger than the box which is not an issue but does show how small the box is.

Final Thoughts

The box is sleek, it is stylish, the box has power, the box is filled with steroids, its muscles pumping at your every need. The MyTVOnline 2 app is by far the greatest app I have seen. For those dinosaurs like me that had the Mag interface firmly placed in my hall of fame for IPTV I had to give in. It is stunning, fast and easy to guide through. 16GB of storage that gives the apps that much need pump is perfect, the high-end WI-Fi connections work well. At the end of the day, I firmly believe this Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box to be the best of its sort on the market today. Well done Formuler.