Catch-up - some small changes where made a few days ago including a flushing of the server which has made everything good. All HD channels are back recording again and will monitor to make sure all is well. Be aware that previous days will not be on catchup yet as it only started to record again a couple of days ago.

Transcoding - All channels now have transcoding, the quality of HD has been lowered whilst we monitor it is recording correctly again. When we are happy that all is perfect we will put the speed of HD back up to 8mb from 4mb during the next few days. On this note we have lowered the quality of the SD channels so that they run at 1.5mb internet speeds which will help customers with bad/low internet speeds from there provider.

Subtitles - Due to us now using our own custom transcoding software we can now add subtitles for live tv that we receive from the channel suppliers. Obviously they are not available for every channel as the program makers do not all provide this feature.

TV Shows/VOD - We are fully running again with this and are just waiting for our coders to update the script to place the TV Shows back to the top of the menu when they get added/updated. For now you just have to search for your TV Series title and you will see it has been updated just not at the top yet.

Posted: 15th November 2019



Catchup - we will be switching off catchup this morning on all channels apart from the following SD channels, BBC1/2/ITV1/2/3/4/Channle4/Channel5 this is for 24 hours.
Also we will be testing some 'duplicate' channels over the next day so if you see anything different don't worry.

Channels Added: Brazil - Latin America - Pakistan - Religion - Mexico - Philippines - France and a whole load of other countries. These can be great for sporting events not shown on the usual channels.

The TV Series is almost caught up now and we believe that by the end of the week we should be done. If you have any 'broken' or 'missing' episodes let us know and we can try to add them individually.

Catchup is still giving us a headache and we are working with the data centre to find the issue with the looping on some recorded programs.

Australia - Caribbean - Movie Pix - Local USA - Ru5H Sports have been updated. If you cannot see them just reboot your box/unplug plug in again/reconnect the mytvonline app in Formula.

We are still adding to VOD as you have probably noticed and again we should be up to date with this soon.

Anyone wanting to use the Smart STB app or Smart IPTV on the smart TV should consider looking for a new app. We have noticed that the app very unstable and we do not recommend using on any service not just ours. The app automatically pushes through updates and it breaks the links for the channels. This is an issue at the app end not your service providers. Should any new client be using these apps then we cannot support them at all and use at your own risk.

UKTV IPTV is so much better and easier when you have a set top box. The box gives you so much more features and a better quality of service. The smarters app is great for smart phone and tablet and Android but a set top box is by far the best way to watch your UKTV.CO

Should you want to purchase a new box then we have listed them for you here, these boxes are all original and have warranties not of the fake Chinese ones that are flooding the market. https://www.uktv.co/buy-iptv-box/

Posted: 7th November 2019

As promised we tried to flush out the old guide that was not changed since the clock changing but it still shows the 1 hour out of sync for catchup. We have asked the company that makes the guides directly from the TV channel providers to check as it may be at there end. They may need to flush there data.

As soon as we get a response we will update again.

Today we have the following to do: NL, USA, French and Belgium channels. We will also be testing the TV Series by adding to them to see how the software works.

Posted: 28th October 2019 14:00GMT


Catchup - as expected the TV Guide is now 1 hour out due to the changing of the summer to winter time. We will flush this system and clear it out for the new guide tomorrow (Monday) to fix this issue.

Portal Slow - You may have noticed that it was taking longer than usual to switch between pages. We have found the issue and this was caused by cloudfare, this means that a large amount of clients are online all trying to change channels in some cases main it slow. This can even cause a stucking loading page. This issue can be solved as the fault is NGINX rate limiting, due to how cloudflare works we will fix this Monday morning so that we do not disrupt the services today. If it does happen to you just go back to the main menu and give it 30 seconds then go back to the channel list and try again.

VOD - We had a couple of instants with reports from clients that VOD was freezing, we tested and had the same issue especially with high bitrate. This was due to the RW speeds on the hard disks and huge volume of clients trying to catchup on there favourite movies. So what we are going to do it to split the VOD over to 2 servers and this will totally resolve this issue. Again we only do this Monday.

So as you can see we have some minor hurdles to jump over but they are minor and we should get all this done tomorrow to avoid disruption of viewing today.

Posted: 27th October 2049 at 14:00GMT

So the final chapter is almost closed… The recent issues that the global IPTV customer database of users had, not just our clients was unfortunate and something unavoidable and obviously was not good for our clients or ourselves. As you know the migration of our new service last week didn't work out and couldn't handle our customer database. Now that we are back working well and everything is working really well, apart from the series as this will be done shortly.

We would like to extend all our clients accounts that hold an active subscription with us with a complimentary 2 weeks service.

We will be adding the 2 weeks starting from Monday, this again has to be done manually and will take some time because of our client database. Each client will be updated one by one and done directly by ourselves so please bear with us on this. Thanks for the understanding and we want you to know that the service will again be the best on the market and under a lot more control in house.

Posted: 26th October 2019 at 16:00GMT


We have now enabled catch-up on all of the UKTV channels for 7 days but please understand that if the clocks changing affect the timings we will have to reset it on Monday. This would mean that any recordings until Monday will be deleted (catchup) and start from fresh then onward. When we are confident that it is stable we will go back to the 14 day catchup period.

The VOD has been updated and you can now see we have added 12 new pages of movies.

The TV Series currently has no way to update on this new software. However, it is possible but it takes a lot of time as done manually by uploading to the database. We have been testing this and have been adding them at a decent rate. The main thing is we have over 400 TV Shows that need updating and approx 5000 episodes so this will take a little time so please bear with us. Once all updated it will be easier to do again.

The Adult channels now has a default pin access code 0000

The Non UK Channels are being worked on as we type, we have already managed to get some countries back online and will bring the rest on the coming days.

Posted: 26th October at 11:00GMT

All migration has been successfully done with most customers now running on the new system.

Our service is back available for the Z8 via the mytvonline app.
Mag user only need to reboot boxes if not on yet.

If you see STB please message us as there was a change over with certain clients and we may need to do it manually.
If you are blocked message us with mac and we will get them back on.

The Final Stages: we are today updating the non UK channels but this will take some time to get populated again so please bear with us.
We will start the catchup from Monday if everything else keeps going well. We do not want to add at the weekend as for the long term clients you realise this can cause issues so better not at a weekend.
VOD new will be done one by one for the minute until we keep seeing the results we are seeing now. For the TV Series we can maybe update some shows manually but we are in the final stages of development for this to be done again automatically each day on every show.
The live events should be back for the weekend again as everything continue to power forward well.

Posted: 24th October 20019 at 18:00GMT

Dear clients: all back online thanks for waiting for the switch over to be finalised. We can now get cracking with getting the rest of the features up and running fully.

Between 3:00GMT ad 5:00GMT you will not be able to use the service as the updated drivers on our main server are getting installed. This will speed up the service for all clients going forward.

Posted:18th October 2019 at 00:30GMT

Freezing issues?

If you have any freezing problems right now then please go to the main menu of the portal.

Go to settings, advanced settings, click Pre buffer and press right until the progress bar is at full then save.

This needs to be done manually on the box but will fix this issue.

Posted: 17th October 2019 at 23:00GMT

We have been fixing more channels for you and tuning some others in 'so to speak'

We have been working on non UK channels. Some channels will not be on for a while as the supplier does not have them ready for streaming yet. We will add more countries as they become available.

Live events are back including USA.

Every so often we are seeing an issue with mysql. This now as under our control is fast to fix. We have new high level drives arriving Friday which are around 7 times quicker which will eleviate this issue.

Posted: 16th October 2019 at 22:00GMT

Great to see most of the US channels are back online.
We have been fixing sync issues with the free view channels for HD. Added more channels under movies. Some may not work yet as the supplier is updating and adding them.
We are still watching activation issues and gladly we have very few now.

Adding more channels.

Non UK Channels currently listed on system will be fixed
Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy etc

We will add our VOD server back in hopefully tomorrow morning to start adding VOD.

We now have the ultimate software.

Building an independent mag portal that will look similar to previous versions but independent from everyone else.
Formuler support will be later in the year.

VOD to be fixed soon. We will be able to import our whole VOD library onto the new servers very soon.

Our new system will be the most advanced system that you can get on the market as soon as we are finished. this whole upset as previously stated affected over 50 million IPTV clients so we were all hit. The difference is that we had a system in place that we were still able to keep our clients online with live TV.

Posted: 16th October 2019 at 17:00GMT


Activation issues are fixed for the majority, clients that still have issues have been contacted to fix manually.

MYSQL crashed due to the system locking up. We are working on this issue. We will get this fixed as fast as possible.
As xtream closed we had to start many software updates manually. Another 5000 companies are affected with many of them totally offline. Our main aim is to keep you online.

The sql is the reason for the activation errors.

If you are having sync issues on the mag boxes please report them in a email as we haven’t had chance to go over all channels and fully check yet.

We have started adding USA back, as some have already noticed and we will have other staff start working tomorrow on Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, and all currently listed channels on the system. Also Live Events will be back.

We do realise that this is frustrating but we are not alone… The difference is that we have kept our service online for live channels. We are working 18-20 hours a day to get the whole service back on. Please don't email asking for something that we can not do anything about right now IE VOD TV Series, catch-up and a few channels not on yet here and there. But, we will continue on because that's what we do and we will make this service the best you have seen again.

The issue that we are facing is something that no one could foresee with xtream codes been shut down and the whole industry is up in arms right now, servers down, channels down, customers have been left high and dry.

We will never let our customers down and we will always strive to do what we do best and deliver you the best TV experience possible.

Posted: 15th October 2019 at 17:00GMT

We are manually removing and adding mac codes to fix the activation codes issue.

We have confirmation that the new high powered servers will be on our account next week.

We thank all our customers for your continued patience and rest assured once we have everything dialed in you will love it much more than the old software.

Posted: 14th October 2019 at 17:00GMT

To All Customers.

Clearing the cache / DNS on your box will get you back online.

We are manually removing and adding mac codes for all clients to the new service. This takes a long time but we are working fast.

Once this is done we will add non uk channels

Then vod will be priorty

Catch up is coming after the live is steady.

Things take time it is not a easy task for us. As we have always said if your not happy please contact us and we will gladly issue a refund for the remainder of your service, however please take note every company is having similar issues however we are one of the only ones who have kept our system online and running while a lot of companies where down.

Posted: 13th October 2019 at 10:00GMT

Some clients are seeing freezing this is becasue the backup servers are at max. We will steady out the load and split this up when you are sleeping. 99% of clients are running but android is not.

Posted: 12th October 2019 at 21:00GMT

We are running better with the tweaks, monitoring stability as we connect more clients.

Posted: 12th October 2019 at 12:00GMT

At approx 10.30pm GMT we will have the mysql expert to configure the new software.

What we do is not easy, we are working so much to keep you online and better the service for future.

I know some of you are not happy and some have blocked boxes but nothing ever goes perfect especially when its not something that is done very often however it cant be helped. At the end of the day as most IPTV companies globally are in the same situation since the software every one used got shut down.

We are continuing to work on this situation until it is resolved.

Posted: 11th October 2019 at 21:00GMT

We are working on fixing the issues it appears the problem is been caused by old boxes still trying to access old xtream files on the new server / possibly from the cache and causing it to flood our server with requests it cant handle.

We are continuing to work on the situation, it appears around 60/70% customers are connected, Once we resolve this issue we will then work on other things!


Posted: 11th October 2019 at 20:00GMT

Migration will take place in the next hour! (17:00GMT)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There could be downtime, there could be issues for some customers.

If you have a problem please bear with us as this will be sorted shortly.

We will do our best to ensure this is as smooth transition as possible.

Once this is done we can get back to normal viewing.

Posted: 11th October 2019 at 16:00GMT