How to use the Smarters App


Using the Smarters App could not be easier and in our opinion closely behind the Mag set top box is the best way to view UKTV on your smart phone, tablet or smart TV.

How to set up the smarters app on android or ios to watch uktv abroad.

Through the Smarters App you can watch exactly the same services that you can via the Mag box. You can watch Live TV, VOD - video on demand, TV Series, Box Sets and also we have provided our world class Catch-Up service on the Smarters App for your pleasure.

IPTV Smarters Features:

  • Live TV
  • VOD - video on demand
  • Tv Series
  • Box Sets
  • Catch-up TV
  • EPG
  • Parental Control
  • Built in powerful player
  • Attractive easy to use layout

How to add UK IPTV channels to Smarters App

Follow these easy steps to setup the Smarters App

  1. Download the Smarters app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  2. Open the Smarters App after download has completed
  3. You now have 4 sections that you need to input, 'anyname', 'username', 'password', 'url for server'.
  4. "Any Name" - like it says actually, type in any name, you can put your name if you please but it doesn't matter what you put.
  5. "Username" - enter the username that you have received by email from UKTV.CO
  6. "Password" - enter the password that you have received by email from UKTV.CO
  7. "http://url" - enter the URL that you have received by email from UKTV.CO
  8. Now that you have entered all the above details you can click on "Add User".

How to use the IPTV Smarters App

Now that you have easily and successfully set up the UKTV Smarters App you need to know how it works. If you look at the screen now you will see that you probably don't even need this Smarters App tutorial.

You will now see the main menu for the Smarters App, on this menu you have varied boxes for you to navigate through. 'Live TV','Movies', 'Series', Catch Up'.

How to set up the smarters app on android or ios to watch uktv abroad.

Playing Live TV

Click on the 'Live' icon as you can see above

How to watch Live TV on the UKTV IPTV smarters app.

You can now see all the different channel groups that you can choose from. We have laid them out like this to make it faster and easier for you to located the IPTV channels that you want to watch.
On this easy to use home screen you will notice a tab that says 'ALL' this is the total amount of channels we are showing from all over the world.
Click on 'News' by tapping once on the 'News' section of the screen. It will automatically have loaded up the first channel. If you want to switch channel simply press the channel icon once. You can also scroll up and down the screen for more channels.

How to watch UK news channels on the smarters app whilst on holiday.

Making a channel a Favourite

Should you want to make this channel a 'Favourite' channel meaning that you can add your favourite channels to one box on the main 'Live TV' screen. To add a channel to favourite simply keep your finger on the channel icon for 2 seconds and you will notice a gold star. The same to take a channel off your favourite list.

How to watch your favourites on uktv iptv smarters app.

Make a channel play Full Screen

To make the channel bigger on your screen just click the TV screen currently playing your channel once. You can tap once again to get rid of the controls around the screen for full display.

Getting back to the category Menu from full screen

To go back to menu tap the screen once, click on done. If you want to go back to main 'Live TV' menu now click on the left arrow top left of the screen.

Switching between Categories

If you want to switch between categories from the 'News' section click right or left arrows next to the 'News' tab.

Finding your Favourites

Should you have chosen some favourite channels then back on the 'Live TV' home screen you will a tab for 'Favourites', click this and you will see all your favourite channels for easy access.

Getting back to the Smarters App Main Menu

Getting back to the main home page of your UKTV IPTV Smarters APP could not be any easier. From the 'Live TV' or any category menu click on the top left hand left arrow.

Playing VOD Movies

VOD - Video on Demand. Click the 'Movies' box on the main screen and you will notice a similar look, the menu appears to be the same as the 'Live TV' one, here in 'Movies' you can see that we have sectioned them all off into catagories again to make it easier to find a movie.

How to watch video on demand vod for uktv channels whilst abroad.

Select 'Action' as an example and you will see what movies are available that have the genre 'Action'.

How to watch your favourite UKTV movies on VOD on your tv in Dubai.

Using the Search function

You can search for a movie by clicking the top right magnifying glass, you will notice that as you are typing the movies below are disappearing so that you can see the live search.
Again you can add any of these movies to your 'Favourites' tab for viewing at a later date.

How to watch your favourite UKTV movies on VOD on your tv in Dubai.

Playing Series

The 'Series' tabs is exactly the same function as above.

Using the Catch-Up function

To use the 'Catch-Up' service you need to be at the main menu again. Click on 'Catch Up' icon and you will see the channels that have the catch up service.

How to watch catch-up tv in Dubai for uktv channels on my tv, mag box or smarters app.

As an example click on the 'Kids' tab, click on any channel tab and you will now see the catch up menu.

How to watch kids uktv channels on iptv.

Scroll up and down to select an earlier show or at the top of the screen you will see the dates, scroll left or right to select a date then the programme you want to go back to. Click on the title and it will now play in your device.

How to watch uktv on catch up tv.