Watch UKTV in Dubai

We have many ways to watch uktv in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE.

One of the best ways to watch your favorite tv channels from the UK is by using a Mag Box, these Mag Boxes work in a similar way to a SKY box where you get a remote control. The box also presents you with an easy to use TV Guide that allows you to skip through your favorite channels, movies, VOD, TV Series very comfortably.

You can buy a Mag Box in Dubai by contacting us here at UKTV.CO and we can tell you the best place to go as many UKTV IPTV sellers in Dubai are selling the fake Chinese versions of the box and they do not work well at all, obviously.

The Mag Box is powered via a plug from your main power, an Ethernet cable from the internet connection in the wall or router also goes into the box and that is it - simple. If you do not have a router close enough to the TV you can plug in a WIFI adapter to the Mag Box, these work very well but again please ask us for the correct version of WIFI adapter suitable for the Mag Box.

UKTV.CO already has thousands of clients in Dubai and most of our business is from referrals. By being the first in Dubai to allow expats to watch UKTV Abroad we have an in-depth knowledge of the services and systems needed to make sure our service runs perfectly. We have engineers on call 24/7 ensuring the thousands of UKTV.CO clients are always receiving the best UKTV IPTV service in Dubai.

Lots of clients watching UKTV in Dubai are using the Mag 250 and Mag 254 boxes which are still very good and more than capable of allowing a great service. We do have newer versions of the Mag Box now but unless you have issues with your current box due to wear and tear over the years then there is no point in changing.

If you have been using another service on your Mag Box and would like to switch to UKTV.CO then this is very easy to do and you do not need to buy a new box to do this. We can connect the same Mag Box for you easily.

Another way to watch UKTV in Dubai is by using the Smarters App, this allows you to watch exactly the same channels as you could from your TV but on your smartphone android or tablets. A very easy to use menu connects you to all the Movies, VOD, Live TV and Catch-Up TV.

The Smarters App is great when you are on the go, on holiday, business trips or just traveling a lot. You can just press one button on your device and you have crystal clear UKTV on your phone, tablet or android.

As the UAE has blazing fast internet speeds you can benefit from UKTV.CO services that make us stand out in a crowd. If you are a sports lover then you can watch many channels in 4K if your TV is up to it and your box. Most of our sporting events are in Full HD and the quality is amazing.

UKTV.CO also shows all the PPV events from around the globe so you will never miss a paid event again. We have an unbelievable amount of sports channels from all over the world.

As well as UKTV we also have many other countries channels which can be good when you have visitors from abroad or your trying to learn a new language. This is also good if you love a certain countries sports events as we will have them too.

If you do not have a UKTV IPTV box yet then make sure to contact us so that we arrange one for you. We want to help you watch Sky Tv in Dubai.

Ask about UKTV in Dubai

Yes you can watch Cbeebies in Dubai, you can also watch NickJr, Disney and many more children's TV channels in Dubai. You will get more than 20 children's TV channels and most have catch-up TV too meaning that you can watch any programme from the last 14 days. This is particularly helpful in Dubai dueto the small time difference.

Yes absolutely you can watch Sky Sports in Dubai, you can also watch many other sports channels from your UKTV box.

You will see over 100 sports channels from around the world all broadcasting live though your UKTV box.

Most of the Sports channels also have the catch up feature meaning that you wont miss anything if your late for the start of game. You can also watch again for the next 14 days.

Any huge sporting events are added to the video library within hours of them showing live on TV. This also includes the PPV events that you may not always stay up for.


Yes you can watch live UKTV in Dubai by using either the Mag Box, Smarters App or many other apps on your phone, smart TV, tablet, android or computer/laptop.

Every channels we have which is many hundreds are all broadcast live to your TV or smart device.

The great thing about UKTV.CO in Dubai is most channels also have catch-up meaning you can go back and watch anything you want for the next 14 days.

This is one our most desired features as not every IPTV service provider offers this catch up feature.

Absolutely, yes you can watch most PPV events live in Dubai, you can also watch them on catch-tv as well as most of them on the video section straight after then event in Full HD and some are broadcast in 4K should your box, TV and internet allow it.

All PPV events are free of charge to all our UKTV clients in Dubai.

To watch Eastender, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks or any other UKTV channel in Dubai is easy. Just Go to the main menu click on the channel that you want and you now have live UKTV in Dubai.

You can also watch any of these TV shows on the catch-up feature, you will see a yellow clock next to the channel (which is on most channels) and select the shows you wish to watch from the last 14 days.

Watching your favourite UKTV shows in Dubai is now so easy to do and you can use a variety of methods, our preferred methods are the Mag Box and Smarters App.

You can watch UKTV on your smartphone, Android, TV, tablet and computer. We prefer the Mag Box or the Smarters App as they are so easy to use.

The Mag Box gives you a remote control and is a box similar to a Sky box that you may have used back home in the UK. By navigating through a simple easy to use menu you can find any programme live or on the catch-up features, you can search for a Movie On Demand or TV Series.